The Journey to the World of 1:6 Figures

Posted: August 18, 2010 in Blurbs

I am not a gamer. I never tried more than a few attempts at arcade. I found out I had terrible response time. The few times I played with my friend on his PS1 and then his PS2 console, I was dead before I could even mount a defense on games like Tekken.

But when I saw the trailer for Resident Evil 5, I decided I simply had to buy it when it comes out for the Windows platform. This had been more than a year ago. I invested on a new computer. The moment I saw the Windows version at the game store, I went ahead and bought it. Then I realized it would be better to play it with a controller, as I was a doofus when it came to keyboard play. So I went out the very next day and bought an XBox 360 Controller for Windows. I was a happy camper.

As I finished the game, I began collecting the figures in the library. These are the collectible ones that encourage players to play the game over and over so they can complete the ensemble.They were awesome, and I thought how great it would be if there were real-life figures like those. So I went to the Internet to find out.

The good news.

There were indeed toys that are based on RE5. Some like the NECA versions are cheap enough, but looking at photo samples, I wasn’t impressed by their quality. They barely resemble the characters in the game. But I was willing to compromise. That’s how big a fan I am of the game.


But then I found out that Hot Toys has acquired the license to create the 1:6 versions of the major characters of the game. First to be released were Chris Redfield (BSAA version) and Sheva Alomar. Woohoo!

6 Biohazard 5_Chris Redfield5Biohazard5_ShevaAlomar

The bad news.

These toys don’t come in cheap. In fact, they’re way up there with their expensive prices. Plus the fact that Hot Toys is Hong Kong-based meant that if I were to buy one online, I would incur additional (exorbitant) expenses thanks to shipping costs.

Initial search and queries for local distribution led to dead ends. All of my inquiries in fact were left unreturned.

I was ready to settle for the NECA versions when, back in June of this year, I happened upon a forum that caters to 1:6 Figure Collectors. And would you know it, it’s a local shop! I immediately inquired if the RE5 figures are available. The owner of the store is the forum administrator, and he was prompt in replying to my inquiries. By this time, there was also a STARS version of Chris Redfield, and a BSAA and STARS version of the game’s main villain, Albert Wesker.

I decided to go for the BSAA version of Chris Redfield first. It’s list price I learned was for 7,500. Just about the price you’ll see online, but without the shipping cost. Finally, I went to the store in Green Hills to purchase my very first 1:6 Figure. I have to say, though the price was pretty steep, I didn’t mind parting with my money at all. I thought I was going to regret spending way too much on a piece of plastic for sure, but I’m glad I was wrong.

IMG_7560IMG_7587IMG_7755 (853x1280)


No regrets thus far. In fact, I went back to purchase another figure, and preordered a few more. I never intended to be a 1:6 Collector, but now that I have started, it kind of just stuck. ‘Course, it threw my finances way off course, but I’m trying to balance things. Good thing the latest DX version is one I am not a fan of. My wallet is heaving a sigh of relief. Smile with tongue out


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