Jill Valentine Arrives

Posted: September 23, 2010 in Blurbs, One-Sixth
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Barely making it on the intended release of third quarter of this year, the much anticipated latest addition to the RE/Biohazard 5 Video Game Masterpiece finally arrives.

Jill Valentine (BSAA Version)The 28-cm tall Jill Valentine (BSAA Version) collectible figure features a very detailed likeness of Jill Valentine as seen on the video game Resident Evil 5. With the hand-painted head sculpt comes the newly developed female True Type body that boasts more than 30 points of articulation. Along with the BSAA uniform of a blue shirt, grey pants, and leather-like grey and black boots comes a dark-blue cap, a black tactical vest and a slew of accessories and ammunition to complete the ensemble. Weapons include a handgun, two machine guns, a sniper, a knife and flash grenades. A stand with a nameplate comes standard.

The head sculpt was designed by Hayashi Hikori and painted by JC. Hong.

Naturally, I was psyched to finally get my hands on this figure. I had preordered the toy back in June and have been patiently waiting for HT to finally release it.

I do have a few misgivings about this figure though.

Right off the bat, I noticed that Jill’s head doesn’t sit perfectly on her neck. There is some portion of the back of her neck that protrudes even as you tilt the head. The head does tilt though, unlike the head of Jill’s partner, Chris Redfield’s. That part of the neck is mostly concealed anyway, so I won’t make too much of an issue about it.

Next, I had a problem with her shirt. It tends to lean to her left side because her left sleeve is so tight that it only goes so far if you try to adjust it, or else it will appear as if she had a dislocated left shoulder. Also, I didn’t like that there are strands visible on the front of the shirt.

The tactical vest is fine by itself, but I can’t get her radio to attach to it. The vest has got a small hole set in the left side where the radio pouch is supposed to sit. Unfortunately, that part of the radio pouch is too soft (plastic) that it bends whenever I try to fit it in the vest’s hole. After several failed attempts of putting it in, I decided to make do without. I’m contemplating cutting the wire from the earpiece to make it look like a wireless gadget.

The holsters were also a challenge to put up. The straps on those little pieces are held together poorly. Whatever HT uses to glue them together isn’t strong enough, and it is one area were HT can definitely improve on.

As it were, I had ripped the fragile strap of the pistol holster accidentally while strapping it on her thigh. I didn’t have anything to glue it back together so I left it alone. I still managed to put it tightly enough, but it shouldn’t be tinkered with else it will come off.

After the frustration of putting her accessories right into place, I still like how it turned out. As a matter of fact, here are a few more snapshots!

Jill Valentine

Jill Valentine/Chris Redfield

Jill Valentine

Next up, Prince Dastan, Iron Man Mark 4, and Iron Man Mark 6. Oh, I can’t wait for them to arrive!


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