Globe, Lies, and Data Caps

Posted: April 7, 2011 in Technoloy

Globe must take everyone for a fool.

In a not-so-surprising but nevertheless a certified douchebag move, the greedy telecom company has announced that it’s adopting an Internet “fair use” policy it pulled out of its ass.

In their deluded version of fair use policy, customers’ downloads will now be capped at 1 gigabyte of data per day. Last I checked, the meaning of an unlimited data plan is, you know, WITHOUT LIMITS?

Their sorry excuses range from pulling out questionable statistics to actually blaming their customers.

What ticks me off even more on this latest tactic they’re trying to pull off is their shameless pretention and feigned concern for the welfare of the internet-using public! Ang kakapal ng mukha! Their head of fixed broadband business is even quoted in saying, “…we are doing all we can to teach our broadband users how to properly use the internet.” What gall!

I hope that NTC will investigate this turn of events and put a stop to this. It can’t be soon enough!

  1. […] Then, in a sickeningly convoluted spin they tried to pass off as an excuse, they announced that they’ll employ an Internet Fair Use policy, effectively limiting bandwidth consumption of users per day. Yes, the previously unlimited connection is now only good for 1GB worth of data in a day! I previously blogged about this here. […]

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