I am Iron-Man

Posted: April 30, 2011 in Blurbs, One-Sixth
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After what seemed like an eternity, my preordered Iron-Man Mark V bust and Iron-Man Mark VI figures are finally here. Picked them up just last night.


Neverland Toys gave away a free Toy Story Cosbaby with each preordered Mark VI figure. The cosbabies come in their own sealed little boxes, so you had no way of knowing which character you get ‘til you open the package. I was hoping to get Buzz, or at least any one of the two versions of the little Aliens, but with my luck, I ended up with Emperor Zurg. Typical!



I haven’t preordered any figure lately. One, the figures are getting pretty expensive. Two, I don’t really have much room to display the toys. Display cases are costly, too. And three, I am really disappointed in Hot Toys, especially with the matter of the Superman DX (Christopher Reeve version). They’ve announced the figure late August last year, saying it’d be available by winter. Winter came and gone, and no Supeman, not even a prototype. The worst part is HT kept announcing more and more licenses and figures but won’t answer questions regarding Supes. As much as I like their products, I hate arrogant business practices more.


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