Laws of the Land Need a Boost

Posted: May 8, 2011 in Blurbs, Politics
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Politics is the devil’s spawn. It’s a touchy subject that will only get people riled up.

That said, Philippine politics is in a league of its own. Bureaucracy and red tape plague all government offices, politicos never missing the opportunity to grab attention, oft grandstanding in national TV over superficial things, all the while the issues of the day being set aside, overshadowed, to rot away like the decaying morals of those people in position.

Whew! Just got a big headache all of a sudden!

Anyway, the matter of corruption in the government is as apparent as daylight, and you don’t need another reminder of things you already know all too well.

So how about let’s do something a little constructive here.

We have a lot of laws, some enforced, some forgotten until a controversial case makes lawmakers dig deep within the bowels of the constitution to save their lying asses.

But as a regular folk, we often can’t be bothered to stop and think about these things.

That is why we see men puffing cigarettes in jeepneys, and we let them get away with it.That is why drivers in Ortigas act like pedestrians on pedestrian lanes need to wait for their [drivers’] speeding vehicles to pass before they [the pedestrians] continue on their way, and not the other way around.

So, you see, in most cases, the law is already there. Just ignored. So a stricter implementation ought to be put in place for these to even have an impact.

Did you know we have an anti-littering law? Granted, it’s only for Metro Manila, but the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Regulation Number 96-009 or the Anti-Littering Law prohibits littering, dumping, and throwing of garbage in public places. It also focuses all public and private business establishments’ cleanliness of their surroundings.

Good, the framework is already there. But is it working? Hardly.

Try walking up the broken escalators at the North Station of MRT. From the bottom all the way to the top, the contraption is littered with candy wrappers and all sorts of gunk. No wonder the poor thing’s never in working order!

Go to the bayside area behind the Mall of Asia. Even though they’ve already put in loads of garbage bins in the area, stupid Starbucks-drinking, fast-food-going masses won’t bat an eye and throw their soda cans, wrappers and other wastes to the bay side. I don’t usually like branding people stupid, but come on! A proper disposal bin is only a few steps and you can’t be bothered to throw your excesses there and instead contribute to the breakdown of that which you came there to enjoy in the first place?

It’s one thing to be messy at home. Be a pig for all I care, but outside, have the courtesy and the decency to do your share. Want to gnaw on some candy while waiting for that ride to the office? Fine. What do you do to the plastic wrappers? Oh, shoot, no trash bins in sight?! Well, just drop the dang thing here! Manong street-sweeper will sweep it away anyway! Wow! Just wow! The sad part is, most people won’t even look for trashcans nearby. I really wish someday soon MMDA will actually fine all those who routinely throw away their waste anywhere they please.

Maybe then we’ll all have a little discipline!


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