It Looks Like the Captain’s Arriving Soon!

Posted: June 18, 2011 in Movies, One-Sixth
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The Avengers characters are on a roll, what with Thor’s success in the global box-office. The leader of the pack, the Captain himself, will be featured in his own movie set to be released this July. Thor’s success is a tough act to follow, and the pressure is on for Chris Evans’ portrayal of the character. Add to the fact that the Avengers movie is scheduled for 2012, a lot is depending on this movie’s success. After all, Captain America is the leader, so there’s that! The good news is the movie looks promising enough, but it’s still yet to be seen how it performs in a few weeks.

Hot Toys is on their feet with their one-sixth version. Today we got a glimpse of the collectible figure via their FB post. Comments prove it’s going to be one of their popular figures.

Capt. America

Personally, I can’t wait to place my order for this one. It’ll go nicely with Iron Man 2 (Mark IV and VI) and Thor, though I’m still waiting for the God of Thunder to arrive.

There goes my savings, again!


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