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Leave it to Pinoys to find humor amidst what could very well be a turning point in Philippine history.

In the case of Senator-Judge Lito Lapid, I can’t say I blame anyone who pokes fun at his… er… explanation as to why he decided to deliver a guilty verdict.

His opening impromptu statement made me cringe, having that feeling that it may yet go downhill the longer he spoke. And downhill it did go the longer he expressed his thoughts.

“Bilang high school graduate po… sa ating mga kababayan… anong sasabihin ni Lito Lapid?”

I don’t believe the Filipino people care about your education at this point, Senator. And nobody really needs Captain Obvious, especially not on a globally televised impeachment court proceeding. We know you didn’t get higher education, we get it. You don’t have to spell it out every chance you get, because people won’t give you a pass for it.

You’re a member of the Senate, there elected and there seated for quite a while now. You don’t get excused for not being able to communicate in English, for your lack of a college degree. You, like the ousted Chief Justice, are held at a higher standard than most, education or no education. Like it or not, this is the path you chose.

Surely, after all these years, someone around you must have pointed this out? If not, well, maybe it’s time to think twice about the people you surround yourself with. I assure you, they don’t have your best interest at heart.

In all those years you’ve held office, from Pampanga all the way to the Senate, we’ve never seen you improve. You were given all the time, all the chances.

You could have saved face by abstaining, knowing you don’t fully understand all the arguments that have come and gone through the court. We would’ve respected you for it. I would have respected you for it.

The quality of the head sculpts that reeled me into the world of mini-me’s is slipping, as it appears to be on Hot Toys’ latest previews.

You might remember this ugly piece from the Captain America prototype:


You can forgive the gnarly face that’s supposed to be the likeness of Chris Evans because the head sculpt with the helmet on is actually quite nice. But now comes this:



That face looks weird, and only vaguely resembles that of Chris Hemsworth’s.

Back when I preordered Hawkeye, I was thinking of whether to collect the Avengers set, as I knew Hot Toys will be making new versions of each hero. But now that I’ve seen these previews, HT just made my decision easier – that is, I’ll be skipping this Thor for sure! Maybe even the Cap, too.