What’s Happening Hot Toys?

Posted: May 4, 2012 in Blurbs, Hobbies, Movies, One-Sixth
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The quality of the head sculpts that reeled me into the world of mini-me’s is slipping, as it appears to be on Hot Toys’ latest previews.

You might remember this ugly piece from the Captain America prototype:


You can forgive the gnarly face that’s supposed to be the likeness of Chris Evans because the head sculpt with the helmet on is actually quite nice. But now comes this:



That face looks weird, and only vaguely resembles that of Chris Hemsworth’s.

Back when I preordered Hawkeye, I was thinking of whether to collect the Avengers set, as I knew Hot Toys will be making new versions of each hero. But now that I’ve seen these previews, HT just made my decision easier – that is, I’ll be skipping this Thor for sure! Maybe even the Cap, too.

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