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In 1996, I took a summer class that offered a crash course on MS-DOS. Would you believe? Back then a single floppy disk – the large, and floppy, 5-1/4” as well as its more robust cousin, the 3-1/2” variant – can hold a game, a word-processing program, a simple graphics program for creating cards and banners and still has room to spare. All with a little more than a megabyte of capacity!

Technology has come a long way from those simple (and very expensive) days. MS-DOS evolved into Windows. You know, that operating system that most everyone uses, and every self-professed tech pundit love to hate?

On some – or maybe a lot of, I don’t keep count – occasions the criticism is very much deserved. Windows ME, Vista, anyone? But for all the evils the modern world likes to paint on its creator, Microsoft, I would argue that Windows helped the world a lot more than those guys ditching it would admit. BSODs aside, without it, personal computing might not have gone as popular as it had in the past couple decades.

Sure, Microsoft has been evil, and has paid a hefty sum for its questionable past actions. And up until recently, you can’t even use Microsoft and innovation in the same sentence without eliciting mocking laughter from people.

After the Vista debacle, everyone and their mother had only contempt for Microsoft. The OS, like its predecessor, Windows XP, was riddled with problems at first. The difference is, Microsoft promised a lot on Vista’s launch, but delivered so little. The OS improved over time with Service Packs, but it was too late. The brand has already been badly tarnished, and no amount of reason can persuade the public to change its negative opinion of the derided OS.

Then Apple got popular. The underdog found fangs, and was shameless to use its new-found power. The new Goliath earned itself a staunch (and sometimes rabid) following. Reality Distortion Field was invented, and even more blind sheep got snared by the glow. Apple has since become a powerhouse.

On the other side, where the open source failed in penetrating the desktop market, it managed to claw its way up to the emerging mobile computing market through Google’s Android operating system. Slow and steady. Today, even Apple is threatened by the newest player, even stooping to a level so embarrassingly low trying to stifle the competition through frivolous lawsuits.

Sadly, during all this, Microsoft was still very slow to move.

Only when Windows 7 came out did I again believe that Microsoft isn’t yet out of the game.

And now, that belief is further reinforced with a string of their recent announcements.

538197_10150912718999285_385494878_nOn Monday, two models of the new Surface tablets, designed by no other than Microsoft itself, impressed a lot of people. The devices were visually appealing, and it’s apparent that a lot of thought went through them this time. They’re no iPad copy-cats. And while one is arguably a direct iPad competitor, the other is a fully functional personal computer. Anything you can do on the Desktop, theoretically you can do on that tablet. Oh, and those keyboards that double as covers, pure genius. As Apple likes to say, magical!

Then, Windows Phone 8 was announced. On the same week.

While WP8 is bad news for existing Windows Phone owners, still, it’s a giant leap ahead. I, for one, am looking forward to the time new phones sporting this latest OS come out.

With these latest development, maybe, just maybe, people will learn to forgive Microsoft. I’m hoping this will keep them back on track. I’d hate for a future with Apple dominating the world.


A new movie featuring the most famous X-Men character is slated for a 2013 release. Still starring Hugh Jackman, this one is set to take place in the land of the rising sun. IMDB doesn’t have an official poster posted, but I’ve seen this one floating in the digital universe.


Wolverine battling Samurais. Not even mutant Samurais? We’ll see.

I found the CapCom site, the Japanese one anyway, to be the best source for information on RE6 right now. For now, I’m posting pictures of characters as announced. All image credits go to CapCom.

Leon S. Kennedy


Chris Redfield


Jake Muller


Helena Harper


Piers Nivans


Sherry Birkin


Ada Wong


Adam Benford


Derek C. Simmons


Ingrid Hunnigan


Wallpapers (Click to view larger image, 1920×1080)




I’ve marked October 2nd on my calendar and keeping an eye out for when I can finally put in a pre-order for the Resident Evil 6 game. My PS3 and 24-inch LED monitor are all set and ready for weekend of pure gaming heaven. Gameplay previews for the scenarios featuring Leon Kennedy, Chris Redfield, and a new character – Albert Wesker’s son – Jake Muller from the recent E3 only made the waiting all the more unbearable. I want this game, now!


I hope there will be a much more reasonable Collector’s Edition, though. As big a fan as I am, I am not willing to pay up $1,300 just for the privilege of wearing a replica of Leon’s leather jacket. He’s not even my favorite character from the series. But if Hot Toys were to put out 1:6 figures for the main characters, I’ll be one of the first people in line to preorder for sure.


The official site,, is still quite useless right now, with no more than a couple of screenshots and the official trailer with a couple of paragraphs.


On a different note, E3 previews show a drunk Chris Redfield, and he doesn’t quite look the same way he did in RE5. I’m surprised to see they chose this direction for his character, but eh, he still kicks zombie ass, though. Good enough for me.