Big Update Coming to Resident Evil 6 Mid-December

Posted: December 1, 2012 in Games, Hobbies
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This isn’t actually late-breaking news, but this is something that I have been looking forward to since it was announced.

The announcement was made via Capcom Unity days after the game’s release, on the heels of complaints from players worldwide regarding the camera settings as well as a brewing PR nightmare on news of future DLCs already included in the game disc.

The update is said to arrive mid-December, just in time for those contemplating to buy the game for the Holidays. The following details have been confirmed:

A new, harder difficulty level dubbed “No Hope” to satiate those who thirst for a challenge. Currently, there are four difficulty levels – Easy, Normal, Veteran and Professional. A lot of hard-core fans found Professional, the most difficult level, not nearly challenging enough.

The one feature that I’m most looking forward to in this planned update is the ability to adjust the camera settings. My beef with the camera in RE6 is that it’s too close to your character for comfort. Add the jerkiness and sudden change in POVs such as sudden rotation and movements leave my head spinning in a daze. It’s as though it can’t make up its mind whether it wants to be TPS or an FPS.

The update is said to give the player a wider field of view should they so choose.



I’ll be so relieved when this update finally rolls out I might even get a play-through for all the campaigns and finish Pro mode. I’m more of a play-for-the-story type than anything else, but this should give me the incentive to give it another whirl.

Of all the campaigns, Ada’s will be getting the most attention in this update. Not only will her campaign be automatically unlocked right from the start, she will have a new AI/co-op partner. Currently, you have to finish the other three campaigns to have Ada’s campaign unlocked, and then you play as Ada solo.

RE6_Ada_Updates (1)RE6_Ada_Updates (2)RE6_Ada_Updates (3)RE6_Ada_Updates (4)RE6_Ada_Updates (5)RE6_Ada_Updates (6)RE6_Ada_Updates (7)RE6_Ada_Updates (8)RE6_Ada_Updates (9)RE6_Ada_Updates (10)

The other confirmed feature addition on the update is for the new subtitle options which allows combining the English audio with non-English subtitles.

It’s a decent set of new features, but I wish there were more, namely, the ability to use unlocked costumes not only on Mercenaries Mode but the main campaigns as well, additional skills slots so that you can load more than just three at a time, and to be able to choose your arsenal, i.e., have a Magnum available in Chris’ campaign, or the grenade launcher on the others. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!


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