Sony Just Became the Gamers’ Hero

Posted: June 11, 2013 in Games, Technoloy
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E3 has started, and boy, was it a revelation!

Sony PlayStation 4Sony delivered a lot of good news today, particularly with regards to used games and connectivity requirements on their new PS4 console, due out November of this year, just in time for Christmas.

What’s Good?

Price. At $399, Sony has just made it a no-brainer for defectors from the XBox camp to switch over, while would-be gamers and past customers alike will see value at this price.

What’s Better?

controllerNo Phoning Home. Sony has confirmed that the PS4 doesn’t have the DRM the XBox One is pushing, requiring the console to check-in once a day just to continue functioning for games, even offline ones. With the PS4, you can go completely off the WWW grid and still be able to enjoy your games in peace! No pesky DRM to please the greedy overlords.

Sharing Games. This video featuring Shuhei Yoshida trolling Microsoft and its XBox One succinctly captures the mind-blowing simple concept that seems to elude (or is it more apropos to say, ignored by) those on the Microsoft camp.

Head over to CNET review for a more thorough coverage of what’s to get excited about the PS4.

I’m happy now. And so are a lot of people!


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