Shopping Online–Lazada: A Review

Posted: July 11, 2016 in Blurbs, Reviews
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I buy stuff online. On Amazon, I buy CDs and e-books. You can actually buy a lot of items directly on and have them shipped to the Philippines if you’re willing to pay shipping, custom and importation fees and deal with the hassle of our local customs and post offices. The fees could rack up to a sizeable amount though, which is why I’ve limited my purchases of physical items to CDs mostly, as they only get charged the shipping fee and no more.

In comes Lazada, which operates in Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore and of course, the Philippines.

The Site

In the Philippines, shoppers can browse through or use the mobile app that is available on iOS and Android devices. There are categories that you can select from or if you have a particular item in mind, a search box is prominently displayed for accessibility and convenience.

The Shopping Experience

For my shopping needs, though, I find the selection inadequate or even completely lacking. For instance, there are no one-sixth scale toys to be found for sale. But I admit that’s a niche item. But search for “Superman” and the selection isn’t that great, either.

Still, for most, the selections are plenty enough. There’s apparel, shoes, electronics, home appliances and more.

The great thing about Lazada is the generally lower price. You’ll often find discounts and promotions for various items.

The bad thing is that for some that claim the price is discounted, the original price appears to be inflated. So if you just look at the discount rate, and have no idea how much that item actually retails on other shops, you might end up actually paying more for it. Take this listing for an iPhone 5s for example. Wow, a 46% discount! Sarcastic smile

Ordering, Payment and Delivery

Ordering is simple and straightforward. You shop around, add items to your cart and then checkout when you’re done.

Payment can be made a variety of ways – credit card, bank payment, thru PayPal or even cash on delivery. Not all items, especially those that are imported, allow CoD unfortunately. For those that do allow it, I highly recommend paying with cash over paying via credit card. If you pay thru credit card (or any pre payment scheme) and you happen to be not around when they deliver, they require that you provide the recipient a letter of authority with photocopies of your (and your authorized recipient’s) proofs of identity. But with CoD, even if you’re not there, you just leave the payment, no other questions asked. I understand it’s for security purposes, but it really is a pain in the neck for the customer.

Delivery is where they truly shine, since they have their own network delivery system called Lazada Express (LAX). Next day delivery is not off the table if the item is available and you live in the city. Delivery in provinces may take longer but only by a few days.

Customer Service

I haven’t really needed to contact customer service so I don’t have much to say in this area. But they do notify you via e-mail and text messages the status right up to the actual delivery of the package. So no complaint from me here.


Go ahead and shop at Lazada. Just be on the lookout for sketchy deals and discounts. Look at the item reviews if available. And when in doubt, we are still surrounded by (a lot of) physical malls, so shop around. The walk may also do you good.

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