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June 20-22 is the 13th  Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention at the Megatrade Halls 1-3.

This year, the team centers around the 75 years of the Batman, hence the multitude of Batman merchandise and paraphernalia that are visible right from the entrance.

Entrance fee shot up to Php130 this year, but that didn’t seem to bother the many people who’ve participated just on day 1 – this blogger included. I don’t really collect any thing in particular anymore – 1:6 scale toys are really expensive – but I still wouldn’t have missed it for the world. I saw one item I would have liked to buy, but at Php15,000, I had to settle for an 8-pack SY187 Superman and a Superman shirt. Both marked my first-ever purchase at the ToyCon, so yay!

Not having enough money to buy all the goodies for sale, I resolved to taking pictures of some of the more awesome displays. And here’s what I got:



These next two shots are the only things I can afford that I actually like.













It may have been Bat’s show, but I’m a Superman guy myself. So…


Okay, let’s send some love Batman’s way.


Um, that’s actually my only shot of the guy… How about more Iron-man instead?


I haven’t opened my Man of Steel figure yet, but if this is what it looks like, I’m not so happy with it. Maybe I should have just gotten evil Superman instead. Sad smile


These costumes from the Rurounii Kenshin live action movie have been flown in, I read on the news. They were supposedly the ones used by the actors in the film.


More shots:


I wish on future toy conventions, the international toy makers – Hasbro, Sidesow, Hot Toys, etc. – will take notice and grace the local scene with exclusives the likes of which are regularly done at other countries. Until then, it’s still a job well done for the organizers, so kudos!


The Batman games have always been great. The recently-announced Batman: Arkham Knight is again looking to capture gamers’ attention.

Even though they make me motion-sick whenever I play them (ditto for The Last of Us), I still own the games in multiple platforms. I’m sure this’ll be the same story. Originally billed for an October 2014 release, it looks like we’ll now have to wait until sometime in 2015 to be the Bat once more.

In anticipation, here are some official wallpapers and screen captures from the official site. Copyright by respective owners. Click to get the high-res version.




















Local News: Aquino announces abolishment of PDAF, otherwise known as Pork Barrel.

In a nationally televised address, Aquino announced that it is time to abolish the corrupt-ridden Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF). Not one to miss an opportunity to put the blame on his predecessor, Aquino had this to say:

Wala pong mali o masama sa polisiyang ito. Ang mali, ang masama, at ang siya ngang ikinagagalit ng taumbayan, ay ang pagsasabwatan sa pagitan ng isang pangulong handang makipagtransaksyon para manatili sa kapangyarihan, mga mambabatas na handang makipagkuntsabahan, at kung nariyan ang kooperasyon ng burukrasya, at mga mamamayang tila namanhid na sa panlalapasatangang ginagawa sa kanila.

The announcement came as a surprise to everyone as Aquino has staunchly said he is against the abolition of Pork just mere days ago. A nationwide march that calls for the abolition of PDAF is mobilizing and set for this Monday.

But even as Aquino relents on the abolishment of said Pork, it appears that Filipinos have yet to see the end of this controversial issue, for Aquino is planning to put a new “mechanism” in place of PDAF that he says will be more tightly controlled.

Yeah, like we haven’t heard that before! Different name, same hocus-focus. Stay vigilant Pinoys!

Entertainment: Warner Brothers announces Ben Affleck is the new Batman

Micro-blogging site Twitter as well as various Social Networking sites were abuzz with the surprise news coming from Warner Brothers. After Snyder’s announcement at Comic-Con that Batman will appear in the sequel to Man of Steel, rumors of who is being tapped to don the cowl circulated in a frenzy.

WB made the surprise announcement Friday. Indeed, Ben Affleck will appear as the new Batman.

This is not the first time Affleck will play a superhero role. He played the lead role of Dare Devil; the film has been widely criticized. Various memes and jokes are already circulating on the internet. Most seem to question the casting decision.

Technology: Ballmer says goodbye to Microsoft

Another unexpected announcement comes in from the technology world – Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is stepping down. He is to retire within the next 12 months, acting as CEO until a successor is named.

This announcement seemed to be taken a good sign by investors, Microsoft’s share price actually rose seven percent after Ballmer declared his retirement plans. Ballmer himself earned $769 million from the share price increase.

This recent event gives Microsoft a fresh start. If it can find a good, visionary leader, it may yet redeem its lost glory in the this time of mobile computing!

Personally, I wouldn’t like a world where my only choices are Apple and Google.

A new game is debuting this Tuesday, April 16th, on all major gaming platforms. Dubbed as Injustice: Gods Among Us, it’s a unique mix of superheroes from the DC Universe pitted against one another, blurring the lines between heroes and villains, good and bad.

I haven’t paid attention as the game is being developed though I have known for a while that such a title is in the works. I found little interest, until I saw the artwork, and the trailers for the new game. As a fan of Superman, I simply must have it. Via Twitter, I knew that DataBlitz is holding a preorder promotion. I didn’t pay attention at first, thinking I’d just get the standard game when it gets out. I’m glad my curiosity got the better of me and checked the game’s official page as well as their official social media outlets.

Superman: God among Men

Now I’m one of those eagerly anticipating the release date. And what fan would be caught buying only the standard release of the game when there is a Collector’s Edition, with a comic book and a 23-centimeter figurine, among the offerings? I almost missed it, too, and most certainly would have regretted it. Good thing I was able to put in my order before the window time closed.

If you are like me, and couldn’t wait to get a go on the game, try out the iOS game of the same title. It’s highly entertaining and addictive. Graphics are astounding, too!



The follow-up to the successful 2009 game Batman: Arkham Asylum will be released this October. This time, Batman teams up with Catwoman, which I gather, is a playable character. Nice!

Characters revealed so far are Harvey Dent (Two-Face), Selina Kyle (Catwoman), Dr. Hugo Strange, The Joker, and Harley Quinn. They’ve got shots of the Riddler so he’s probably one of the unrevealed characters here.

While waiting for its release, enjoy these wallpapers:








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