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Let It Snow

Posted: December 18, 2011 in Blurbs, Technoloy
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This is one of those Easter Eggs Google is famous for. In the spirit of Christmas, here’s something fun to do if you’re bored.

Point your browser to Google. Type search string “Let It Snow” and check out the results page. Enjoy!


I tried this with IE9, but apparently, Microsoft’s flagship browser is the Grinch. Not a flake dropped on the results page.

Finally, if you let those snowflakes fall for a while, it’ll fog up the search screen so badly you won’t be able to read anything. Don’t worry though, Google’ll let you “Defrost” the window if that happens.

The online social-networking world is having quite a stir. Google+ just went live for the public. Facebook is its usual know-it-best smug self, rolling out features that no one really finds necessary, or even useful. And, would you know it, Diaspora’s still out there, somewhere.

Google+ may be all the fuzz, but its insistence on a Real-Name policy is sort of pouring cold water to an otherwise promising challenger to the FB empire. Of all things they could have learned from Facebook, smug arrogance should not have been it!

Speaking of Facebook, the love-hate relationship it has with its users continues to drone on as its recent “upgrades” angered more than a handful yet again. Facebook is on its toes, implementing more and more features it thinks will make the user experience better. Well, sadly, their idea of better is skewed.

The timing of these rollouts also raises the question of whether or not they’re only doing it in the face of real competition with Google+ opening to the public. It’s just too much changes to be just “coincidence.” It would be ironic, though, that instead of keeping members from migrating to Google’s offering, these inadvertent changes will actually drive them to do just that!

Then, finally, we have Diaspora. The ambitious project aiming to unseat FB in the online social networking arena. It started more than a year ago. The guys behind the project raised funds, with a target of $10000. Donations came pouring in, and actually went up to about $200k. But after all this time with not much heard about it, I was thinking the project died a silent death.

Until they sent emails just this week, with the subject:

Diaspora* means a brighter future for all of us.

The email details how they’re still working to get invites out this October, and how the concept of pods work.

Good that they’re still on board after all. But frankly, at this point, with not only FB to contend with, they may have missed their window of opportunity! Still, good luck to them.