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Another Iron Man collectible figure, and HT’s making it exclusive to Toy Fairs in select countries. HT’s definitely milking the IM line. But the only complaint on this one is it ought to be available to other countries, too!

Here’s HT’s blurb, images follow:

Summer is coming and so do Toy Fairs!

This year, Hot Toys will also have its presence at the prominent Toy Fairs in different countries!

As usual, we will be having some Toy Fairs Exclusive collectibles this year which will be mainly available in the following toy shows opened to public:

– San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) (July 21-24)
– Ani-Com & Games Hong Kong (ACG HK) (July 29-Aug 2)
– Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention (STGCC) (Aug 20-21)
– Ani-Com & Games Guangzhou (ACG GZ) (Oct 1-5)
– Tokyo Event (2011)
– Taiwan Event (2011)

We just can’t wait to announce one of the Toy Fairs Exclusive items – Iron Man 2: 1/6th scale Mark IV Limited Edition Collectible Figurine (Secret Project) (2011 Toy Fairs Exclusive)!

More toy fairs details and exclusive items will be announced soon! Stay tuned!


This may just be a good reason to go visit Singapore in August! Hot smile

After what seemed like an eternity, my preordered Iron-Man Mark V bust and Iron-Man Mark VI figures are finally here. Picked them up just last night.


Neverland Toys gave away a free Toy Story Cosbaby with each preordered Mark VI figure. The cosbabies come in their own sealed little boxes, so you had no way of knowing which character you get ‘til you open the package. I was hoping to get Buzz, or at least any one of the two versions of the little Aliens, but with my luck, I ended up with Emperor Zurg. Typical!



I haven’t preordered any figure lately. One, the figures are getting pretty expensive. Two, I don’t really have much room to display the toys. Display cases are costly, too. And three, I am really disappointed in Hot Toys, especially with the matter of the Superman DX (Christopher Reeve version). They’ve announced the figure late August last year, saying it’d be available by winter. Winter came and gone, and no Supeman, not even a prototype. The worst part is HT kept announcing more and more licenses and figures but won’t answer questions regarding Supes. As much as I like their products, I hate arrogant business practices more.

Just when you think HT is losing it, what with the delays and issues regarding head sculpts and proportions of their releases, they go and give us something to cheer upon.

Lately HT’s been way off its delivery targets, but the Mark IV looks good judging from these snapshots they’ve recently posted. Take a look:


All that remains to be seen now is when the figures will be rolled out to customers. I’m dying to get mine.