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The Lumia 710 has a 5 MP camera to the back with no front-facing one. For shots in clear daylight it’s good enough, but take a shot under a shade and you’re in for some unpleasant discovery. Oi, the camera sucks! Big time!

Even the Samsung Jet I owned almost three years ago beats this pos when it comes to the camera.

That said, I discovered something that I at least enjoy when using it…. Panorama shots. I just have to make sure there’s enough more than enough ambient light before snapping pictures.

Here are some shots I took:

So I’ve tried the iOS app and it proved to be a nice way to post blogs on the go. Now, I’ll try it on another platform – Windows Phone 7.5 Mango on a Nokia Lumia 710 phone.

Typing isn’t as easy owing to the small screen, but it’s actually quite decent. Not too bad if I set the screen on landscape. Even on portrait mode, I’m surprised that the experience isn’t discouraging. The responsiveness and smoothness with which the characters I enter gets displayed really gives the whole thing a positive spin.

Now to try out adding some pictures…

Hmn, this one is a bit off-kilter. While it’s easy to add photos or videos, I only get the option to put them before or after content.

The photos added are listed on a separate area, and as with iOS, each needs to be placed individually. The difference is that in iOS you can insert a photo and add some more text, then maybe add a couple more pictures and close it down with some final words. It doesn’t seem to be that way here.

And I don’t see a preview button anywhere.