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I never thought to ask You.
I always thought You knew.
It was never my intention to question You.

Jars of Clay 
Today’s lines come from the song Unforgetful You by the Christian rock band Jars of Clay.

In this upbeat song, the singer is speaking with God. The singer acknowledges his shortcomings and thanks Him for still providing and looking out for him, despite said shortcomings.

Get the complete lyrics here.

And those who came at first to scoff
remained behind to pray.

Music in my opinion, though we take it for granted, has a big influence in our lives. We listen to the words, feel the rhythm and melody, and ride the wave of emotions the song carries with it. And sometimes, if we’re lucky, we find meaning.

For a few days now, I have been writing lines that I like from songs I know as my status message in Yahoo! Messenger. I’m gonna start posting the same to this blog.

Today’s lyric excerpt is from Ammonia Avenue, one of the better songs from the Alan Parsons Project – the band that gave us Eye in the Sky and Old and Wise. Call it a religious song, but its message rings true when you come to think about it.

Some of its memorable lines include:

And who are we to criticize
or scorn the things that they do?

If we call for the proof, and we question the answer
only the doubt will grow.

Interested with the song? Find the complete lyrics here.