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Last year, Resident Evil Revelations came exclusively for the 3DS platform. It was a great game, not without its quirks, but reviews were for the most part positive. This year, Capcom is releasing the game on other consoles, namely the PS3, XBox, WiiU, and the PC. Sadly, Vita owners are left off the action.

The game has been released here locally since yesterday, 2013.05.22, although officially, it’s slated release is for 2013.05.24. What’s cool about this is not only are we Pinoy gamers able to play early on (except PC players, Steam won’t let them play just yet), but the preorder bonanza offers a handy messenger bag, and a special poster! Though I owned the 3DS version, I preordered this as soon as the store opened the promo. Now I’ve got my copy plus the bonus items, and all for Php 1,495 (discounted from the SRP of Php 1,595). Couldn’t be any more sweeter a deal than that!

Anyway, the official site of the game,, has been running with the Revelations along with RE6 for sometime now. Present Codes that unlock weapons that can be used in-game were all the fuzz these past weeks leading to the game’s release. You can check out what available codes are still up in this helpful forum in the Capcom website. Granted, most of those guns suck, but hey, they’re free and can be useful when starting out in the game.

I’ve seen the game played online on one of those game sites, as a preview for those who are interested, curious or otherwise. I can say the game is exactly how I remember it on the 3DS, except of course, no 3D effect. And that’s not such a bad thing.

I snatched up some character images from the site, and these show off the various skins for the characters. Here, have a look!













Head over to this previous post to learn more about these characters, or read my sort-of-review of the 3DS version here, but be warned, spoilers abound!

Now if only I can extend the weekend for the entire week!

I’ve been playing Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D for almost two weeks now, and although I keep dying trying to kill the major bosses, I rally on. You wouldn’t believe the quality of the graphics, and for a handheld console game, that’s really an achievement by itself.

Incidentally, the game features a 5-minute preview of the soon to be released Resident Evil: Revelations. The latest installment of this franchise will reach European gamers on January 27th, while state-side, the game is set for a February 7th release. I can only hope that local release will coincide with those dates.

Revelations is actually the reason I bought a Nintendo 3DS console. I’ve bought along the Mercenaries 3D to test it out. At 8 characters, 5 alternate costumes, 34 medals, and more than half of the skills unlocked, I’m still looking forward to every game I play. Online co-op mode also makes it interesting when it gets too intense or just to change the pace. In fact, a handful of the achievements can only be unlocked thru co-op mode.

Revelations couldn’t come soon enough. Fortunately, the game’s official site offers a wealth of information for us fans – from characters, new monsters, back story, game play, even video previews. So head on out here to check them out.

In the mean time, I’ll leave you with these screen shots I’ve swiped from the linked address above. I hope Capcom won’t mind.

Jill Valentine

Jill Valentine

A member of the BSAA, an NGO founded by the Global Pharmaceutical Consortium.

She is one of the few known survivors of the Raccoon City Incident. Following the dissolution of Umbrella in 2003, she and Chris Redfield decided to continue the fight against bioterrorism and joined the BSAA.

During this mission, Jill boards a mysterious cruise ship to find Chris.

Parker Luciani

Parker Luciani

Parker joins Jill Valentine on her mission aboard the cruise ship.

Parker carries out his missions with unwavering earnestness.
He tries to mask his seriousness and occasional clumsiness with sarcasm, and he is known for becoming very passionate about his beliefs. Following the events of a certain incident, he transfers to the BSAA to "fight the good fight."

Chris Redfield Winter Mountain CostumeChris Redfield Boat Costume

Chris Redfield

A member of the BSAA, an NGO founded by the Global Pharmaceutical Consortium.

He survived what is known as the Mansion Incident in Raccoon City, and now continues the fight against bioterrorism the world over.

Jessica Sherawat Winter Mountain CostumeJessica Sherawat Boat Costume

Jessica Sherawat

She is partnered with Chris Redfield on this mission.

She and Parker Luciani were originally part of another organization before joining the BSAA.

She always carries her rifle with her, and her graceful figure belies her deadliness in battle. Her ability to provide cover and support holds much promise.

Keith Lumley

Keith Lumley

This mission is the first time we meet this BSAA operative.

He comes off as cavalier, but when it comes to getting the job done, his skills are on par with Chris and Jill.

When the fighting gets close and personal, Keith uses two kukri knives to finish the job.

Quint Cetcham

Quint Cetcham

Quint is the BSAA’s resident gadget geek, who loves quoting movie lines to match the situation he’s in.

He and Keith work well together, on and off duty.

The Genesis device the BSAA uses incorporates many of Quint’s own designs. The signature headset he sports is just one of the many devices he has invented.

Clive R. O'Brian

Clive R. O’Brian

Director of the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance, and key in keeping the organization fighting against
the threat posed by bioweapons.

It is a testament to his leadership skills that he was able to organize such disparate personalities as Chris, Jill, Parker, and Jessica into an elite force.

Raymond Vester

Raymond Vester

A man with uncertain intentions who appears before Jill aboard the derelict luxury liner.

While his intentions are unknown, it seems he has some of the clues Jill needs to unravel the mystery of the ship.

Raymond comports himself with poise, and his focused stare hints at a military background.



This mysterious woman can be seen cradling her injured arm aboard the cruise ship.

She wears a wet suit similar to Jill’s, but she doesn’t belong to the BSAA as far as anyone knows.

We can only speculate what fate awaits her on the ship.

Morgan Lansdale

Morgan Lansdale

He is the head of the FBC and has absolute authority.

His attitude towards problems can be perceived as overbearing and firm but there is no one in the FBC who can stand against him.

Veltro Terrorist Group

Veltro, A Terrorist Organization

A mysterious organization whose terrorist attacks have equated them with evil.

Its members usually appear in pictures and videos wearing gas masks, making it difficult to identify individuals.

One of these members appears to be the leader based on circumstantial evidence.