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Google+ is getting all the buzz right now. Probably why FB is hastily deploying this new Chat “improvement” suckerberg has been peddling around.

And when FB is improving something, you betcha it would violate its users’ privacy. And again, there’s no way to permanently turn it off!

When you log in to your FB account, you’ll notice a chat bar docked to the right of the page, asking you to try the new Chat.


It won’t go away until you click on it. And since it’s tricked you to click on it (what else can you do?), you’ll find you’re signed in to Chat. You can make yourself unavailable to chat, even hide the blasted chat bar, but I have the sneaking suspicion everyone can still see you’re online. They just can’t directly open a chat session with you. Oh, and those settings don’t stick. The next time you log in (or close and open your browser if you’re set to always remain logged in), you’ll have to do the entire exercise in futility all over again!

Freaking Facebook!

Facebook’s done it again – putting a new privacy setting and enabling it by default.

It’s bad enough that you can’t stop friends from tagging you on photos. Now Facebook is actually being proactive in encouraging friends to tag you if someone in their photo looks like you.


From what I’ve seen on the net, it looks like this feature was introduced October last year, but they’re now just rolling it out to everyone. Never mind the mostly negative reaction to it, the geniuses at Facebook will stop at nothing to invade your person yet again.

It’s a full time job babysitting Facebook, really!