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The music industry is a funny-kind-of-sad business, what with the backwards view of the big labels in regards to their business model. If they had their way, if a person wanted to put a song on his pc, on his mp3 player, and his cellphone, he’d have to pay for it three times. To those music execs, you don’t buy the song. You rent it. Hence, the birth of DRM. It’s no wonder people turn to piracy. (Guilty!)

But when a band/artist that I like comes out with a worthwhile album, I try my best to support them by buying the album. I wasn’t always able to do so, financially. But now that I can, I do. That said though, it’s really rare that I find it compelling to buy an entire album. A lot of times, only one or two songs are worth taking from an album. Maybe that’s why online music retail (translation: iTunes) is a big boom. You can just buy the track you want.

Me, I’m old-fashioned in this sense. If I buy an album, I’d like for it to be in a physical media, rather than the MP3 versions they sell online. That way, I can just rip it to any format I want. Also, I hate how Apple conducts its business so I try not to give them more money. Millions all over the world already do that.

The downside of wanting CDs is that they’re sometimes unavailable outside of that artist’s or band’s home country. So you’ll have to fish out your credit card and order online. Just make sure the site’s legit if you do.

Back in college, a buddy of mine introduced me to Dishwalla’s songs. Angels or Devils, Home, Counting Blue Cars, Today Tonight, Drawn Out, and the rest have played countless of times on my computer and cellphone. Last year, Dishwalla’s lead vocalist, J.R. Richards, put out his solo album, “A Beautiful End.”

Of course I already have a copy of the songs. Of course I didn’t pay for them. No, I won’t give them to you. Smile with tongue out

But I set things right by buying the album straight from J.R. Richards’ own site. On February 21st, I placed my order for “A Beautiful End” and “20 Minute Holiday.” The good people of shipped the package on the very next day.

Now, if you ever had experience with the postal service that is the PhilPost, you’ll be well aware that sending any form of mail or parcel through them is like having a known lazy-ass klepto as a messenger guy. You may or may not receive the package. And you’ll have to wait too darn long either way. And then, if you’re lucky, the klepto will pass on the parcel to you. But only after he charges you extra. You know, because he didn’t keep your package for himself.

This particular shipment took almost seven weeks. It probably arrived only days after it was shipped. But the customs sniffers might have taken their sweet time, so it wasn’t until April 4th that I even got news on it. Still, we had to pick it up ourselves at the local post office, and pay a Php 40-fee, just so it will be released.

The CD jewel cases were cracked, ruined. No surprise there. I’m just glad the actual discs didn’t get any damage.

On the plus side, J.R. signed the albums. So, yay!

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A Beautiful End
JR Richards
From the Album “A Beautiful End”
Director: C. Corrado

Dishwalla’s Lead Vocalist J.R. Richards on His First Solo Album