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One thing that PSVita one-ups the 3DS is its ability to take screenshots. In 3DS, you can have a snapshot of a game, put it on the notes, but then you don’t actually have an image saved. It’s only accessible on the Notes app, which is pretty useless.

But in Vita, Sony’s provided this feature, and it even lets you grab snapshots in-game! The image is added to your photos and you can use it however you like, including making it a wallpaper!

To take screenshots on your PSVita system, press the PS and Start buttons at the same time. Then, go look in Photos for the captured image. Be aware, though, that some apps may not allow this functionality, either entirely or on some parts.

PSVita… What I Don’t Like

Posted: March 27, 2012 in Games, Hobbies, Technoloy
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There’s so much to like about the new PS Vita system. But, like most shiny new things, you’re bound to find some things not exactly how you’d expect them  to be. Here’re some things I find make my Vita experience far from gaming heaven.

A High Price to Pay

The unit itself is priced just right at $250 give or take. What makes it expensive is the price you have to pay for memory. The console doesn’t come with its built-in storage memory, instead relying on a separate new proprietary card developed by Sony for the PS Vita. And of course, Sony being the d-bag that they are, put a high margin on the new memory modules, knowing people will have to buy them since they’re necessary to play games on the new console. At nearly a hundred US dollars for a 32-Gigabyte PSVita Memory Card, that would set the unit for a high price of $350 dollars, and that’s only for the Wi-fi version. At almost $50 a title, games aren’t exactly affordable, either.

Buttons Out, Touch In

The novelty of a touch screen wears off quickly, especially when during gameplay, you find yourself constantly wiping smudges off your screen just to enjoy the game. Gestures can help gameplay, I admit. But accessing the menu on the home screen need not be done exclusively through touch. Put those buttons to good use and let users get back in control of their controls!

Touch should complement the console’s built-in controls, not take over them entirely.

Clingy Much?

Imagine my surprise when after creating a collection of my favorite tunes to be transferred to my new gadget, not only do I find out that you can’t just drag and drop files just like you do on a PSP, but that it requires a freaking “Content Manager Assistant” program installed on your PC.

If that’s not absurd enough, it requires that your PC be connected to the Internet if you want to transfer files. You can transfer music, photos, and videos through their respective apps without needing internet connection but not many people may realize that initially. Still needs the CMA, though. So, I say, “What the hell, Sony?”

Last December I bought my first Nintendo handheld, a flame-red 3DS. Got me the Resident Evil: Mercenaries 3D and a few weeks after, Thor. Resident Evil: Revelations is coming any day now. As soon as it comes out, I’m adding it to my collection!

But before that, I placed an order online for the Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception Collector’s Edition – straight from the U.S. of A. Supposed to arrive January, but it’s been pushed back. Something to do with the holidays, I was told. So I’m still eagerly awaiting for it to arrive this February.

Months before that, I bought the Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition for the PS3. I already have the PC version which I bought days after its original release more than two years ago.

For the longest time, I’ve been pining for a PlayStation 3. Being away from home for most of the month, though, I couldn’t justify buying one. But this past weekend, I tossed all reasoning behind and went ahead and bought me a black, 320-Gig PS3 Slim.

To complete the ensemble, I picked up a copy of the box set of Uncharted 1 and 2.

Also on the weekend, I’ve placed yet another order, for the PSVita (US Version). It’s only for the Wi-fi version as it seems the 3G versions over there works only on a particular network. No matter, wi-fi’s good enough for my needs, err, wants.

Now I’m on the hunt for a good display, one that supports full HD. I’ve originally planned to get a 32-inch Samsung Series 5 LED TV but I’m scrapping that plan. Too expensive for something I’d only use for gaming and occasional TV watching. I think I’d go for a monitor instead. The HP Sword X2301 looks promising. Not as big, but it’s still big enough.

All this spending has set me back a couple month’s salary. At least I have these things to show for it, instead of watching all that cash go poof!

Why WP7 Isn’t for the (Greater) Rest of the World

I planned on getting a Windows Phone 7 phone (terrible name, really). I found a great price for the HTC HD7 from a reputable source, and was just waiting for the bonuses to come in to get one. It’s an old model, but I’m fine with that.

After a closer look at the Marketplace, Microsoft’s own version of iTunes, I ‘m taking a step back. No HTC HD7 or any WP7 phone for me.

I’ve read wonderful reviews about the year-old phone OS. More rave reviews came with the Mango update.

But when you can’t buy apps or music (or pretty much anything) from their official web store, it would certainly give you pause.

You see, if you live outside a handful of the countries where the Marketplace is available, well tough luck! You won’t be able to buy anything. And apps and a/v content are supposed to be some of the driving force for getting a smartphone. It’s something Apple does so well, much as I don’t like them.

I just found this out last night.

I have the Zune software installed on my laptop, and last night, as I play Christmas songs from an a capella group, I saw a listing of their old albums. As I prefer physical discs to downloads, I searched (googled and bing’ed) where I might order a copy. No luck. They’re out of circulation, and some don’t even offer them for download.

I figured if I’m gonna buy digital downloads anyway, might as well do it with Zune Marketplace. The album costs 800 MS points, whatever those are. Naturally, I have to buy credits. And I was more than willing to.

But the Marketplace won’t let me. Philippines, I found out, does not belong to the select few countries that are supported; they won’t accept my credit card, which both Paypal and Amazon and other online retail stores are happy to honor! If I bought a WP7 device now and tried to get apps for it, I’d be stuck!

Here’s a hint Microsoft, if you want your product to succeed, stop holding back on the rest of the world!

The Most Expensive Memory Cards This Side of the Gaming World

If recent news is to be believed, and I don’t have any proof to suggest otherwise, Sony’s intended retail price for their soon-to-be-released handheld gaming device are a rip-off. The 4-, 8-, 16- and 32-Gb cards are exorbitantly priced at $29.99, $44.99, $69.99 and the profanity-inducing $119.99 respectively.

And of course, these cards are proprietary. And they’re a necessity if you are to enjoy your PSVita. Some games won’t work without one.

Typical Sony. Never learns.